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Over the last 3 decades we’ve had the privilege of working with leading Food & Beverage producers across Africa. This experience has helped shape the way we do business, ensuring we offer our clients quality service , innovative & effective solutions.

Servicing Industries Across Africa


Red Meat

Our Food Safety Approved Range of Detergents & Disinfectants combined with our Dedicated Experience Clusters, allows for a total documented Hygiene Solution for clients in the Red Meat Industry. From Feedlot through the Abattoir to Processing Plants & Retail Butcheries, you can rely on our Expertise.


Food Processing

From Vegetable Processing to Ready-to-Eat Meals we have the necessary Expertise & Food Safety Approved Products to cater to any of the Cleaning Applications within this Sector. We provide a wide range of Visual Cleaning Aids & Staff Hygiene Training Programs to ensure our Clients’ Product Integrity is maintained.



Through our, Internationally approved range of Hygiene & Animal Disease Prevention & Control Products, our clients in the Dairy, Poultry & Livestock Sectors can rest assured that they have a combination of Local Expertise & European Technology available to assist them with their
daily needs.


Brewing & Beverage

We supply a wide range of Approved Detergents & Disinfectants to the industry including the full spectrum of Cleaning in Place (CIP) products, Bottle Washing Additives, Conveyor Lubrication, Pasteuriser Treatments, Water Treatment & General Hygiene Chemicals. Our vast African footprint allows us to offer Activity-Based Pricing on African sites, reducing the risk & complexity of supply & hygiene control for International Clients.

Chesse and milk


Without regular & efficient CIP cleaning in a Dairy or Cheese Processing Plant, the entire process comes to a standstill, our ability to source, manage & coordinate commodity Chemical Supply & Logistics ensures continuity of production. Add to this our Internationally Approved, Comprehensive, Speciality Chemical Range, including Whey Membrane CIP products & Sentratek becomes your trusted partner of choice.

Water droplet

Water Treatment

We have in-house capabilities to provide for your complete Water Treatment requirements. This includes the design & fabrication of flocculation & filtration units through to Reverse Osmosis & Nano Filtration plants. We also supply & manage Chlorine Dioxide disinfection systems & take care of the water treatment requirements for Utilities & Effluent as required.

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Food Service & Retail

Wherever food is prepared or sold, we have a team of Specialists to support this Sector from General Hygiene to Ware Washing & Laundry. We have the Products, Equipment & Expertise to create & implement a Hygiene Plan that will protect you & your end customers.

Fishing boat


We have built up many years of experience in this Sector by servicing National Accounts & have developed Chemical Hygiene Products & Systems to efficiently implement cost-effective Hygiene Programs at both Land & Sea-Based Fish Processing Operations.

Pig and chicken

Pig & Poultry

A unique sector, with unique Hygiene & Cleaning Applications. Our range of products caters to all Cleaning & Sanitizing Applications, from Farms through Hatcheries & Processing Facilities. Our proven Hygiene Programs have stood the test of time.